Week 4 Image

I’ll stick with a snowy winter scene for this week even though we do not have snow in Toledo. This sure has been a strange winter.


This is the Manicouagan crater in Quebec. It is 100 km in diameter. Something big hit the earth a long time ago and left the crater.

What are we looking at?

On another note, what has happened to our winter? It is 58 F in Toledo. It has been the warmest January we have had in a while. Alaska has been hogging all of the cold weather. Fairbanks, Alaska has had something like the 7th coldest January in the last 100 years with an average temperature of -26 F. That’s crazy cold. See the temperatures from Alaska today in the image below. I have also heard that the Arctic Oscillation is not allowing cold air to come down south too much. What causes changes in the Arctic Oscillation you might ask? I don’t know.


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5 Responses to “Week 4 Image”
  1. kczajkowski says:

    This website about latitudinal shift is very interesting. The Arctic Oscillation certainly caused the jet stream to stay to the north this winter as opposed to last winter when it did not.

  2. Perhaps the inability of the Arctic air to descend to lower latitudes is correlated to the extreme oscillations of the Northern Jet Stream. Check out the dialogue on the accompanying web site.http://ossfoundation.us/projects/environment/global-warming/latitudinal-shift

  3. Kimberly Panozzo says:

    Considering that you loaded an image with snow, next to an image of Alaska, I would assume it is Alaska. Based on the low amount of snow we have had in North America, I am going to suggest this is either Northern Canada, Alaska, or Europe (as they have had a cold winter this year). The circle in the center of the image may be a crater or the mouth of a volcano. Considering that most of the surrounding areas are greyish white, and the circular area is very white, I would say that it could also be a frozen lake. The lake could have formed from an extinct volcano. (Maybe a crater from space debris?)

  4. Gail Nader says:

    At first I thought a volcano or maybe a speed way. But not enough civilization surrounding for a speedway and not enough elevation for a volcano. Is it a crater?

  5. kczajkowski says:

    Looking for some comments on this picture before I go to the next image of the week. Dr.C

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