2012 OhioView SATELLITES (GLOBE) Student Conference

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The 2012 OhioView SATELLITES (GLOBE) Student Conference was held at Penta Career Center in Perrysburg, Ohio Tuesday, April 17. It was a great success. 45 student projects were presented by students. The quality of the students’ research just keeps getting better. I learned so much from the students.

Here is a list of the winners by grade level.

1st place, Paige Moden and Karli Callahan, Wauseon Middle School, Extinction… It’s not just for polar bears
2nd place, Conner Johnson and Kyle Vernot, Wauseon Middle School, Lake Erie Energy
3rd place, Owen Newlove and Lucas Blanchong, Wauseon Middle School, Garbage Power

1st place, Vinayak Kurup, Birchwood School, Water Vapor, CO2, or Smoke: Which is the Worst Greenhouse Gas?
2nd place, Kaitlin Stessney, Roswell-Kent Middle School, Climate Change Correlation with Malaria Cases
3rd place, Saeda Shalhout, Oliver Wendell Holmes School, Is Tap Water the Same Around My Town?

1st place, Penta Career Center -Anthony Rorigi & Patrick Short – Exploring Green Energy Technologies by State
2nd place, Penta Career Center – Jordan Kurfess & Tyler Hassall – Exploring Best Locations for Windmills in Northwest Ohio
3rd place, Penta Career Center – Jake Gurecky – Using Remote Sensing to Locate Possible Areas of Drug Cartel Activity in US National Parks

1st place Krithica Kantharaj Use of GRACE gravity data to investigate soil moisture in India
2nd place Matthew Lehnert Are the forests of morroco disappearing
3rd place Yujin Lee Development of 3D campus buildings from an international student perspective


Kelly Croy was the keynote speaker and did a very inspirational chalk drawing (below).