NASA opportunity for current female high school juniors

Hello Everyone:
We are forwarding the attached flyer for NASA’s Women in STEM High School Aerospace Scholars (WISH) Program.

WISH is seeking female high school juniors from across the country to participate in NASA’s pilot project which starts with an on-line community and culminates with a summer experience at NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Summer, 2012.

Applicants need to be:
•U.S. citizens
•Current female high school juniors during the 2011-2012 school year
•Interested and excited about STEM
•Committed to a one-year relationship with JSC; and
•Able to access to the Internet and email (at home, school or public library)
•A scholar with a cumulative GPA of 3.25/4.0 or higher

More information is available at:

Please forward this to anyone who might be interested.

Thank you.


Prof. Gary L. Slater
Director, Ohio Space Grant Consortium
School of Aerospace Systems
College of Engineering and Applied Science
University of Cincinnati

Guess the Image #5

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Since it was Valentine’s Day yesterday, I found this heart shaped feature in the landscape. What do you think is going on here? What caused this? This image is from Landsat 7.
Dr. C


GLOBE Earth Day 2012 Student Video Competition

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GLOBE Community,
Get your video cameras ready – the Earth Day 2012 GLOBE Student Video Competition is about to begin! GLOBE Students from around the world are invited to submit a short video (2 minutes or less) showing how they are exploring and investigating their local climate using GLOBE protocols and learning activities. The GLOBE Program will be accepting submissions from 15 February to 15 March 2012.
To get a top score, be sure to clearly define the GLOBE protocol and climate-focused learning activities, show students in action, include a transcript, and get the highest quality audio and video possible for your recording device.
The top regional videos will be highlighted on the GLOBE website starting 16 April, and the top overall videos will be featured on Earth Day, 22 April. A set of prizes will be awarded to winners from each GLOBE region.

GLOBE Professional Development Opportunity

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Are you or do you know a middle through high school GLOBE teacher interested in collaborating with other teachers, students, and scientists from around the U.S.? We would like to invite you to apply to the NSF ITEST-funded grant “From Learning to Research: Developing Future Earth Science Scientists and Professionals” 2012-2013 Cohort.

GLOBE teachers (6-12th grades) from the United States are invited to apply. The goal of the project is to assist teachers in assembling a locally focused climate project with their students while collaborating with schools and scientists from around the U.S.

Teacher will attend a summer institute from 6-13 July in Boulder, CO. All travel, food, and lodging will be covered by the grant. Then, during the 2012-2013 school year, teachers will be expected to participate in the following:
1. Participation with students in online collaboration with other classrooms, including bi-weekly webinars for teachers
2. Participation with students at a spring 2013 virtual student conference
3. Assembling and completing a locally focused climate project with students in one of these four areas:
a) Aerosols and/or Ozone and Climate
b) General Atmosphere/Climate
c) Hydrology and Climate
d) Land Cover Changes and/or Phenology and Climate
4. Completing required assessments, surveys, collecting and entering classroom data

Teachers will receive the following:
1. $1000 Stipend
2. Equipment to support GLOBE activities
3. Opportunity to connect with scientists and other schools across the U.S.
4. Access to inquiry-based climate and Earth System Science curriculum materials
5. An estimated 40 hours of customized professional development
6. Access to a network of content-area and technology specialists
7. The opportunity to share findings and projects at professional conferences and/or meetings

If you are not a trained GLOBE teacher, but are using GLOBE data in your classroom, please contact us for training information.

If you are interested in applying, please send an email to by 15 March 2012. More information is available at: Note that preference will be given to schools with more than one teacher application.

GLOBE Program Mailing Lists Service. For assistance with this list, contact:
To remove your address from this mailing:
or send a blank message to with subject: SET us-all NOMAIL

SATELLITES/GLOBE students headed to the White House

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Update 2-13-12
Suzan and Connie were interviewed on channel 4 in Detroit over the weekend. Here is a link to it.
click here.

Update 2-10-12
Here are more pictures from the West Virginia students from Huntington High School.
Teachers: Rick Sharpe and Carla Snell and Students: Ben Jones, Emily Waybright, and Derek Carson

Connie mentioned that Suzan may be on the morning show in Detroit some time this weekend. We’ll keep an eye out for that.

Update 2-9-12
Suzan Shalhout has been quoted in a couple news articles from around the country about her visit with the President.
The Chicago Tribune covered Suzan. She is part of a story along with the students from Robeson Malcolm X Academy,0,4099022.story
This story has run on a lot of news outlets. Congratulations Suzan and Connie.

The Huffington Post

Here is the news release from the Detroit Public Schools.

Here is an article with pictures about the West Virginia students. They talk about the GLOBE surface temperature field campaign.

Here’s another article about the West Virginia students.

Update 10 pm 2-7-12
Suzan sat right behind the President during his speech.
I took this picture off of the video the White House posted.

The West Virginia students were in about the second row of the audience.
WV kids
Ben Jones, Emily Waybright, and Derek Carson

Several articles have been posted on the internet about the science fair. Here are some about Suzan Shalhout from Detroit.–Obama-Science-Detroit/

Here is a story about the West Virginia students.

Here is a list of all of the projects that were presented.

Here is an email that Connie sent to me.
was going to post but didn’t see how. This was an amazing thing for us! Suzan sat behind the President and was able to spend a few minutes in a very priviledged spot. She shook his hand and was able to be just that close. On the way in we were by Bill Nye the Science Guy and had a photo op with him. We also met with Senator Carl Levin of Michigan who is a great supporter of the Starbase propgram. We had another photo op with him as well. HAving the run of the White House was simp[ly amazing. Pictures with the President we were not allowed to take but they will be sent to us and then we will share!


Here are some pictures of Suzan.

Here are pictures of the West Virginia kids at the White House.
photo 1(1)
photo 2(1)photo 3(1)

Old posts
Two groups of SATELLITES students that I have worked with and who are active in GLOBE research will be going to the White House to be part of the White House Science Fair on Tuesday, February 7, 2012. How exciting is that?
To learn more about this exciting event, click here.

I hope to post pictures and videos here as the day progresses on Tuesday.
Your students can post their science fair projects on the White House blog at this link

The first group is Suzan Shalhout (an elementary school student from Detroit) and her teacher Connie Atkinson. Suzan is going to the White House sponsored by the Star Base program from Selfridge Air Force Base in Michigan.

Last year when Suzan participated in the SATELLITES Conference at Penta Career Center in Perrysburg, Ohio, she competed for Oliver Wendell Holmes School in Detroit (part of Detroit Public Schools). Connie has been moved to a new school this academic year.


Suzan presented this project last year, “Water, Water, in the Ground, Who is the Cleanest One Around?” at the SATELLITES Conference on April 12, 2011. As you can tell, she put a lot of work into the project testing water from several locations. Suzan and her sisters have always done well at the conference. They really put a lot of work into their projects. And, Connie works hard to give her students experiences. She often goes to professional development having participated in two SATELLITES Institutes at the University of Toledo. They are highlighted in a GLOBE Star clicking here.

The second group is from Huntington High School in Huntington, West Virginia. The teacher is Rick Sharpe. I work closely with Todd Ensign who is the Program Manager for the NASA IV&V Educator Resource Center in Fairmont, West Virginia. I have gone to West Virginia a couple times to work with Rick. His students took over 300 observations during the Surface Temperature Field Campaign this year.

Rick Sharpe

Here is more information from Todd Ensign.
Rick Sharpe is a Huntington High School science teacher who has attended many evening and weekend seminars at the NASA IV&V ERC as well as multiple week-long grant funded summer institutes on the GLOBE Program which the ERC co-taught with organizations including Fairmont State University, America View, West Virginia University, The JASON Project, Glenville State and others. According to Mr. Sharpe, “GLOBE protocols are a vital part of our earth science curriculum at HHS and they allow our students to engage in genuine science that is relevant to their lives. GLOBE allows us to engage students with a wide range of abilities because they are hands-on and cover many topics.” One of Mr. Sharpe’s areas of GLOBE certification is in the Surface Temperature Protocols which he uses annually with students to compete in the Surface Temperature Field Campaign and Science Fair competition hosted by GLOBE Scientist, Dr. Kevin Czajkowski, from the University of Toledo.

The NASA IV&V ERC is the GLOBE Partner for the state of West Virginia, and Program Manager Todd Ensign has trained over 500 WV educators, including Mr. Sharpe, in his role as the Partner Coordinator which he has held for 10 years. Additionally, Mr. Ensign serves on the GLOBE U.S. Partner Regional Ambassador Committee and is a Master Trainer who has conducted teacher workshops in several states and overseas including Costa Rica and Nigeria. Mr. Ensign helped to identify the Huntington High School’s project and submitted it to NASA for consideration in the White House Science Fair. “NASA IV&V, The GLOBE Program, and the state of West Virginia should be proud to be represented at the White House Science Fair by Ben Jones (16), Emily Waybright (16), and Derek Carson (17) who will be presenting their authentic research into the relationship between surface temperature and cloud cover,” according to Mr. Ensign.

Funding for these programs has been provided by NASA, Ohio Space Grant Consortium, OhioView and AmericaView.