OhioView SATELLITES Conference 2011

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The OhioView SATELLITES Conference of 2011 was held at Penta Career Center in Perrysburg, Ohio on April 12, 2011. Students from K-12 schools and universities throughout the Toledo area and from as far away as Akron and Detroit presented projects that were developed using their own inquiry-based research using geospatial technologies. Student projects were evaluated for scientific quality and awards were presented to the highest scoring teams in elementary, middle, high school and college. The theme of the conference was linked to AmericaView’s Earth Observation Day. http://www.americaview.org/pre-college?quicktabs_9=1#quicktabs-9
In addition, students attended a presentation from Dr. Michael Weintraub, Associate Professor of Environmental Science from The University of Toledo, who spoke on the topic of climate change in the Arctic with a special presentation from the Woodward High School Students who attended the White House Science Fair in October 2010. SATELLITES stands for Students and Teachers Exploring Local Landscapes to Interpret the Earth from Space. Many of the students used GLOBE data in their projects.

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University Projects
1st University of Toledo Nancy Cochran Use of GLOBE Data to Investigate Urban Heat Island Effect
2nd University of Toledo Yitong Jiang Identification of Sewage Sludge Injection Application on Harvested Agricultural Fields Using Landsat TM Data
3rd University of Toledo Hong Zhuo Land Use Change of Las Vegas

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Snow on April 18, 2011 Not Unusual

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On April 18, 2011, it snowed in Toledo, Ohio and in parts of Michigan. Unlike Toledo, the snow stuck on the ground in Michigan, see the pictures below. There was about an inch of snow on the ground after it stopped and that snow melted by the end of the day. You might think that it is late in the year to have snow in Toledo and Michigan. It is but the area tends to get about 1 inch of snow in the month of April. If it snows in May, that will be something. Dr. C