Earth Observation Day Today, March 24, 2010

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Hi All,
The AmericaView Remote Sensing Consortium has designated March 24, 2010 as Earth Observation Day (EOD). They have made a great website with lots of resources for remote sensing. To check it out, go to:

There is a great matching game with remote sensing images at:


For the upper level grades, the images show changes over time so they are not necessarily easy to match up.

Subject: Summer Earth System Science Opportunity for Teachers of Grades 4-12

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ReaL (Regional and Local) Earth Inquiry: Professional DevelopmentKnabusch Mathematics and Science Center in Monroe, MI: July 28-30, 2010 On behalf of the Paleontological Research Institution (PRI), we wouldlike to invite you to participate in an exciting new initiative toimprove Earth science education across the nation! PRI and its Museum of the Earth is a non-profit organization based in Ithaca, New York. Composed of scientists and educators, its outreachprogram aims to make the Earth and its life—and the science by which weunderstand it—accessible to audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Aspart of that mission, we are currently developing a series ofTeacher-Friendly Guides to North American Earth System Science.Supported by the National Science Foundation, the project is a five-yearinitiative that will bring regional and local Earth system science intoclassrooms across the nation. We welcome your application to participate in a professional developmentprogram that is focused on the Teacher-Friendly Guide and the VirtualFieldwork Experiences. The face-to-face workshops are a key part of a larger professionaldevelopment program. 1. The two and a half day workshop will focus on actual field work,with discussions on how to document a field site to bring your fieldexperience back to the classroom and on how to bring your students intothe field. Stipends and support for travel and lodging total $800.00per participant. 2. Ongoing virtual study groups where teacher groups of about fouruse Internet conferencing technologies to share their work and supportone another in the development of virtual fieldwork, and of teachingportfolios showcasing the virtual fieldwork.3. The creation of virtual fieldwork experiences of both theworkshop site and of sites near teacher participants’ schools. APPLICATION DEADLINE: May 3, 2010. For more information and to apply goto,_Summer_2010.html David BydlowskiScience ConsultantWayne RESA33500 Van Born RoadWayne, MI 48184Phone: 734-334-1455Fax: 734-334-1411Text: 734-306-9508 If you would like to receive email regarding science education in WayneCounty, the Wayne County Math and Science listserv is for you. You willregularly receive emails about workshops, news, and events that impactscience education. To join, send an e-mail to with yourname and email address. You will then receive an email confirmation.

STEM Fellows, program for Teachers!

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The Dayton Regional STEM Center is seeking STEM teachers who would like to play a pioneering role in shaping STEM Education for our region and beyond as STEM Fellows. If you are interested please read the attached documents—a $3,500 stipend is included. If you know someone who may be interested, we would appreciate it if you would forward this message to them.

FYI: The Dayton Regional STEM Center was recently honored by the Governor as a leader in bringing business, industry, higher education and K-12 education together to benefit our students and our communities. The National Defense Education Program has recognized the Center by designating it as a preferred curriculum designer for all the Air Force Research Laboratory communities in the United States.

Norma J. Howell
Curriculum Coordinator
The Dayton Regional STEM Center
Montgomery County Educational Service Center

200 South Keowee Street
Dayton, Ohio 45402
937-225-4598 ext 3071
Check out the STEM Curriculum we have on our website:

GLOBE At Night!

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Check out GLOBE at Night and enter your data on the brightness of the stars in your area. It is easy to do.

Spring Seems to Have Sprung

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Hi All,
Wow, spring has sprung in Toledo and much of the eastern US. The snow has melted and temps have gotten in the the 60’s. What is going on? Well, there is a high pressure system to our east and low pressure center to our west. This causes the wind to come from the south bringing warmer temperatures. This has been a persistent situation. The low to the west has been out there for at least four days and it will slowly move over Toledo. The high has been in the 50’s to 60’s for all four days. This nice weather will end so we should all take advantage of it. I plan to plant my snap peas in the garden today when I get home from work. It is sad that I have to work today…

After winter, vegetation in this area starts coming out of its dormancy. I took some pictures of the vegetation starting to come to life.
Flowers on a maple tree. These are flowers on the tree not the bud bursting. The buds will burst in 3 or more weeks from now.

Magnolia bud.

Daffodils coming up at the University of Toledo

Daffodils are one of the first things that comes up in the spring.

GLOBE has some great information about bud burst and plant phenology.